Do you do Payroll or Taxes?

While we could offer these services, we’ve deliberately chosen not to because we know we can’t do them better than companies who have invested the time and money into creating a specialized business, just as nobody can do the bookkeeping better than we can! We focus just on bookkeeping in order to be the best at what we do!

Do you help pay our bills or invoice our customers?

Those are functions of operating your business, which we are not involved in. Basically, you run your business, and we record that activity after the fact so we can generate your financial reports. We recommend hiring an assistant to help you with these functions.

Can I speak to someone on the phone?

Phone sales reps are very expensive, and would therefore require us to increase the cost of our service. Nobody wants that. So we’ve chosen instead to create an informative online sales experience, free from the pressure of salespeople. Simply enter your questions in the form provided, and our knowledgeable Support team will provide a thorough answer!

Do you come into my office? Does my location matter?

No need to meet in person, our service is performed remotely. Regardless of where you are located, as long as all of your bank and credit card statements are in US Dollars, then we can work with you.

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