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Why we're the best

We’re not bragging, we’re just stating the facts. We do stuff that others don’t.

why this matters

QuickBooks is the industry standard software. If your bookkeeper uses their own unique software, your data is stuck with them if you want to leave.

why this matters

If your bookkeeper uses QuickBooks but didn't build a separate interface for you to use, you will be required to use QuickBooks too when reviewing your reports, which is a very complicated software.

Reviews from our happy customers

5 Stars - Merritt Bookkeeping
James Merlini - Merritt Bookkeeping

James Merlini


I was doing my own bookkeeping for years, but it became very frustrating and time consuming. I tried a few different other services, but they were expensive and didn't deliver the books on time. I finally found Merritt Bookkeeping and have been so extremely happy!

Hannah Miller - Merritt Bookkeeping

Hannah Miller

NorthWoods Grazing

Merritt Bookkeeping is the BEST of the best. I was so overwhelmed with our business and the task of trying to keep up our books. Merritt is not only extremely affordable, but organized and efficient. They have made my life so much better and I truly cannot thank them enough.

Anya Darling - Merritt Bookkeeping

Anya Darling

Darling Speech Therapy

Why didn't I use this service earlier? Merritt Bookkeeping Services has made managing my business finances less complicated. The initial set up was easy, the team has been responsive, and the reports look meticulous.

Johnny Monsarrat - Merritt Bookkeeping

Johnny Monsarrat


Wow. The pricing is too good to be true, but it really is true. I run a startup and used Merritt to get me up to speed on 11 months of backlogged bookkeeping. This is the first low-cost accounting firm I've used that actually cares about getting the categories right and is patient with my questions.

Paul Galanti - Merritt Bookkeeping

Paul Galanti

Method Management

One of the standout qualities of Merritt Bookkeeping is their attention to detail. They meticulously organize and manage my financial records, ensuring accuracy throughout the process. This has given me peace of mind knowing that my finances are in capable hands.

Jeremy Remsfield - Merritt Bookkeeping

Jeremy Remsfield

Original Love

We've been using Merritt for 6 months now - excellent systems, very responsive, very helpful, always prompt - definitely 5 stars. Thank you!

How it works

Step 1

We collect your bank statements each month using an automated software, so you never have to send us anything.

Bank Statements
Step 2

We do your bookkeeping in QuickBooks, then send you financial reports that are easy to understand.

Step 3

You review and adjust your reports using a simple web interface we custom built, so you don’t have to use QuickBooks.

Web Interface

Our team is your team

If you have questions about your reports, send us a message and get a same day reply from the same people who are doing your bookkeeping.

“Friendly, helpful, patient and professional.” – Erin H. from


“Outstanding customer service.” – Michelle Z. from


No more difficult tax seasons

Simply provide us with your CPA’s email address and we’ll keep them in the loop on all communication and work with them to make sure they have what they need.

“Simplest tax season with my CPA ever.” – Kenneth N. from


“You saved my sanity.” – Sarah S. from


One simple, affordable price

Behind on your bookkeeping? Don't worry, we discount catch-up work! Click below for details:

We’ll create a QuickBooks file for you and bring it up-to-date for $140/mth (25% discount) for each month you are behind.

We’ll review your QuickBooks file to make sure everything is complete and accurate for $140/mth (25% discount) for each month we work on.

We’ll further discount our rate down to $70/mth for any months that are already mostly complete
(require less than 10 transactions to be entered by us) but still need to be reviewed and finalized.

Interested in becoming a client?

Merritt Bookkeeping only accepts a certain number of new clients each month.

If you’d like to know if we have any openings, please provide the following information and we’ll get right back to you.